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Transiting Aspects





Cycle and Frequency of Transit in life ~ For Conjunctions and Oppositions - once in 687 Days. For Squares and Trines - twice in 687 days. It takes Mars 22 months to travel thru all the Signs and Houses. Approximately 45 days per sign. Length of Transit ~ 2 - 3 Days (on exact degree). For retrograde action and multiple passes it can take a month or two. Retrograde action ~ every two years for about 2 1/2 months. Has connections with accidents, surgeries, wars and skirmishes beginning. Hot tempers are prevalent.

Reveals your ~ Physical and Dynamic Energy
Mars Corresponds with your ~ Forcefulness. Will power. Active and assertive urges. Shows your stamina, aggressiveness, strength, courage, impulsiveness. Rules your desire, passion, personal and sexual drive. Reflects how you initiate action and new beginnings. Represents your business sense, executive and authoritative abilities. Also shows your cruel ~ defiant and combative traits. Mars Represents ~ Young men, fighters, aggressive individuals, craftsmen, athletes, mechanics, dentists, surgeons, military, police, fire fighters, rescuers, etc. and all dangerous professionals. Also represents ~ manufacturing, building projects, crime, violence, injuries. The sexual drive and muscular consciousness.

Planetary Honors and Dishonors
-------Dignity -------Detriment -----Exaltation -----Fall
Aries/Scorpio ---Taurus/Libra ---Capricorn ----Cancer

Mars Rules Aries/Scorpio. Day is Tuesday. Color ~ Red