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Transiting Mercury Opposition











Transiting Mercury thru the Signs ~ activates the type of mental creative energy and influences of the Sign being transited.
Transiting Mercury in the Houses ~ brings to your mind the 'area of life' represented by the House placement - during Mercurys' approximately 1 month transit of that House.

Cycle and Frequency of Transit in your life ~ for Conjunctions and
Oppositions - once every year. For Squares and Trines - twice a year. It takes Mercury 88 days to travel thru all the Signs and Houses. Every day Mercury travels 1 or 2 degrees. Length of Transit ~ 1-3 Days. Retrograde action and multiple passes can extend length of transit. Retrograde action ~ Every 2-3 mos. for approximately 2 - 4 weeks.

During Retrograde occurrences of delays, miscommunication and misunderstandings. Contracts signed with misunderstood clauses. Major purchases are not self satisfactory, returns etc. Sometimes interpreted as not a good time to begin a new project. Slow down and stick to routines is best.

Planetary Honors and Dishonors
Dignity------------- Detriment------------ Exaltation -------Fall
Gemini/Virgo ------Sagittarius/Pisces -------Aquarius------- Leo

Mercury Rules Gemini/Virgo. Day is Wednesday. Color Blue and White.