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Transiting Aspects




Cycle and Frequency of Transit in your life ~ For Conjunctions and Oppositions - you will have these once every year. For Squares and Trines - twice every year. Especially powerful when conjuncting or Transiting (2) or more Planets at same degrees. It takes the Sun approximately 1 year or 365 days to travel the zodiac path. One degree for one day. Approximately 30 days per sign. Length of Transit ~ 1 Day ~ possibly 2 days ~ therefore influencing a day before or day after exact.Sun has No Retrograde Action.

Reveals your ~ Spirit ~ Center of Your Self ~
Sun Corresponds with your ~ Consciousness. Individuality. Creativity. Activity. Vitality. Direction in life. Represents your leadership abilities. Objectivity. Your Essence ~ Ego. Your will power. Describes your well being and your general state of health. Also shows your dictatorial, egocentric and pessimistic traits.
Sun Represents ~ Father, husband (in a womans' chart), men in general, masculine individuals, paternal figures, leaders, authorities, government affairs and officials, religious and spiritual leaders, positions of rank and title, active people,
superior, proud or haughty persons.


Planetary Honors and Dishonors
Dignity ---Detriment---- Exaltation---- Fall
Leo ------Aquarius -----Aries------ Libra