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Transiting Aspects




Cycle and Frequency of Transit in life ~ Very Rare - once in a lifetime aspect - if at all. It takes 165 years for Neptune to travel thru the Signs and Houses. Approx ~ 14 years per sign. Length of Transit for a planet placement is about ~ 4 - 8 weeks ~ 3 weeks stationary. Retrograde action and multiple passes can last up to 2 years. Retrograde action ~ About 5 mos. per year. Can be a reveler of true conditions once retrograde has come direct again. Stationary Retrograde and Stationary Direct is when Neptune is at it's strongest illusion or delusion or even enlightenment depending your own Natal aspects. As there are no limitations in spiritual quests - any Transiting aspect (whether it be Square or Oppositions) contains opportunity - a good idea to read the Trines and Conjunction of same Planetary combination.

Reveals your ~ Eccentricities & Awakened State
Uranus Corresponds with your ~ Innovative, individual, unusual, erratic, reformative, inventive side of self. Shows your sudden, unexpected, unpredictable actions. Your need of freedom and independence. Your eccentric nature and peculiarities. Your originality and inventive abilities. Your unconventional and curious nature. Your level of sympathy and renunciation. Also shows your radicalness, rebelliousness and erracticness. Uranus Rules ~ Eccentric, inventors, reformers, rebels, peculiar people, erratic people. Progressive ideas, liberty and equality. Sudden unexpected events. Premonition. Social Reforms, The New Age.


Planetary Honors and Dishonors
Dignity--Detriment --Exaltation--- Fall
----------Pisces ------Virgo ------Cancer ------Capricorn