Venus in Pisces

~ Aphrodite ~
~ Daughter of Zeus & Dione ~
Goddess of Love & Beauty. Goddess of Passion.
The Battle Goddess. Deity of Youth.
Rejoices & instills Love in the Hearts of Others.
Embodies both the Primitive & Refined.
Presides over The Arts.

Love ~ Marriage & Personal Relationships
Our humor & ability to harmonize with others. Our personal charisma, grace & overall attractiveness. Shows our attitude towards luxury, money & truth.

Venus in The Signs: Shows our artistic talents & sense of ascetic values. Also shows our superficiality & evasiveness. How you relate to money, possessions, love & marriage.
Venus in The Houses: Shows the area of life where you especially express yourself socially, romantically, artistically & financially. And, the area of life that is most benefited by the softening & harmonizing power of Venus.

It takes 225 days for Venus to travel thru all the Signs.
Approx: 3 to 4 weeks (depending on retrograde motion) per sign.

Venus in Pisces
Gentle. Soothing. Compassionate. Known to be helpful. Sympathizes with others but will keep own hurt to self. Pursues spiritual quests. Humanitarian. Sensitive. Romantic. Sensuous. May feel vulnerable in love. Rarely makes the first move. Likes & needs clear signals of love & affection in relationships. Maybe overly dependent on others or they on you. Musicians. Artist. Dancers. Weakness: Overly sentimental. Losses thru intrigues, indecision or from being too subservient.

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