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mercury natal readings

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~ Son of Zeus & Maia ~
Messenger for Zeus ~ Graceful & Swift in Motion.
The God of Commerce & the Marketplace.
Lord of the Travelers & Merchants.
The God of Curiosity & Childhood.
The Shrewdest & Most Cunning. Playful & Coy.

~ The Mind & Thinking Process ~
Represents your mental power, intelligence, communicative, expressive & reasoning abilities. Shows our alertness, awareness & ability to adapt to circumstances. Shows our dexterity & analytical abilities. Also shows our skepticism ~ restlessness ~ irresponsibility.

Mercury thru the Signs: How your speaking, thinking & communicating (as well as all traits Mercury represents) is influenced.
Mercury in the Houses: Where in your life does your mind create and carry out your ideas and communications.

It takes Mercury 88 days to travel thru all the Signs.
Approx: 2 to 3 weeks; per sign. (depending on retrograde motion)