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natal readings neptune
 Neptune: The Signs are not shown. A 14 year generational influence, spiritual and mystical. House placement is more important.
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~ Poseidon ~
~ Son of Gaia & Ouranos ~
Lord of Our Dreams & Visions.
Tranquility & Peace followed as He passed by.
Administers over the Ocean, the Seas & Dancing.
Commonly called the Earth Shaker.

~ Dream State ~ Divinity ~

Our Mystical Side ~ Spiritual Force. Our inspiration, compassion,
enlightenment & refinement. Our psychic ability & our ability to perceive
invisible realms. Our sacrifices we make. Our escapist & illusionary
tendencies. Reveals our selfish and/or unselfish nature.
The unclarity, confusion and/or delusion of our life.
Also shows our chaos, inertia & self martyrdom.

The Signs are not shown. 14 year Neptunian, spiritual, mystical, generational influence. House placement is more important.
Neptune in the Houses: Where you express your mystical & spiritual side and give service unselfishly. Where you tend to be unrealistic or have a source of confusion.

This subtle persuasive influence is not of a Outer Worldly nature. Neptune is elusive & it's influences & strengths will be determined by other aspects of its' placement. It takes 165 years for Neptune to travel thru the Signs.
Approx: 14 years per sign.