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 Pluto: The Signs are not shown. House placement is more important.

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~ Hades ~
~ Son of Gaia & Ouranos ~
God of the Underworld. King of the Dead.
God of Underground Wealth & Precious Metals.
Rarely leaves His Realm under the Earth.
A Terrible but not Evil God.

~ Transformational Force ~

Our ability to absorb power. Our ability to regenerate & transform areas of our life. Shows our restorative, recuperative & self destructive influences. Symbolically the Phoenix rising from the Ashes. Letting go of the old & bringing in the new. Death & Rebirth.

The Signs are not shown: Transformational generational influence. House placement is more important.
Pluto in the Houses: Where in life you are able to transform & use your power. Where you have to solve problems alone & unaided.

It takes 248 years for Pluto to travel thru the Signs. Approximately 11 to 30 years per sign: depending on retrograde motions & elliptical orbit.