Setting up the Zodiac Board is easy



 #1 Setting Up Your Natal Planets & Luminaries!

The Natal Birth Chart shows all the positions of the Planets & Luminaries
at the moment of your birth. To set up your Natal Birth Chart, you simply transfer the data from your paper Natal Birth Chart to the Inner Wheel of the Zodiac Board. * Use the Legend and sample Chart below to help you find & interpret the placement of the Planets as they appear in your Natal Birth Chart.

#2 Set Up Your Houses!

The House Dividers are set on the 12 House Cusps -- which are the 12 dividing lines that appear on the Chart. Locate the degree of the first House Cusp on your Natal Chart and adjust the Zodiac board so that your 1st House divider piece is located at the 9:00 o'clock position - which is the same place as your Rising Sign. Place the 1st House piece in that corresponding sign and degree on the board. Now place the remaining House pieces in their appropriate House cusp positions which will run consecutively and counter clockwise from the First to the Twelfth House.