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jupiter transit readings

Reveals your ~ Your wisdom, honesty, benevolence and sense of justice. Jupiter corresponds with your ~ Optimism. Morality. Philanthropy. Good Fortune. Opportunities. Expansion. Higher aspirations. Shows your adventurous and exploring nature. Reflects your attitude towards higher education, religion and philosophical reasoning. Also shows your gluttonous, excessive, self indulgent and extravagant traits. Jupiters' influence is more easily and accurately observed after the age of 40 years old. Jupiter Represents ~ Aunts & Uncles, officials, philanthropists, churchmen, the moral, gluttons, the wealthy. Material abundance, bankers, brokers, law and the legal systems.

Transiting Jupiter Through the Signs ~ liberates your personal opinions via the energy thru each sign and what those signs represent.
Transiting Jupiter Through the Houses ~ accentuates your influence is the areas of life being transited. Indicates where your are trying to grow.

Cycle and Frequency of Transit in life ~ for Conjunctions and Oppositions once every 12 years - for Squares and Trines twice in 12 years. Length of Transit ~ On exact degree ~ 2 - 10 days. Retrograde action and multiple passes can last up to a year. Retrograde action ~ approximately 4 mos. every year - off and on.

Planetary Honors and Dishonors

Sagittarius/Pisces ------Gemini/Virgo-------Cancer------Capricorn

Jupiter Rules Sagittarius. Day is Thursday. Color ~ Purple.