Venus in 1st House
Life Outlook, Personality.

Charming, with personal poise. A casual, joyful disposition. Usually admired by the opposite sex & brings natural good fortune thru out life (especially early life). A love for nice clothes & fine things. Opportunities tend to come thru social interaction. Talent for music, drama, art. Exercise is not a priority. Weakness: Delay of; or a troubled marriage. Loose morals. No self restraint.


Venus in 2nd House
Personal Resources. Finances, Values & Comfort

Faith that money, gifts, favors will always come. Wealth received thru friends & social contacts. Natural attraction to wealth, luxury, objects of art & beauty; yet not really materialistic. Can lure money to you with natural good taste. In relationships; appearance & health are important. Gains thru marriage or may marry for comfort. Good for hotel/resort business. Weakness: Wasteful. Squanders on pleasure.


Venus in 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local. Environment & Communication

Intellectually inclined; both socially & romantically. Good at expressing self & does not mind compromise. Enjoys entertaining & having stimulating conversations. Enhanced mental qualities. Very desirous of peace. Interested in culture, art, music, poetry & writing. Close ties w/siblings & neighbors. Many short journeys. Weakness: Not really any.


Venus in 4th House
Family, Home, Roots. Private Life, Property, A Parent

Usually has a harmonious & quality home life. Likes entertaining at home. A love for nature, flowers & gardens. Spends time beautifying home. Close to parents & may be benefited by inheritances, legacies & property. Benefits come later in life. Usually indicates peaceful state of mind & conditions at the end of life. Weakness: Mismanagement of assets & inheritance.


Venus in 5th House
Creativity, Pleasure. Romance, Children, Loved Ones
Benefits & receives in the areas of speculation, pleasure children & romance. Very sociable. Ability to entertain others. Interests in theater, music, singing. Passionate. Likes expensive clothes & other luxuries. Often pursued by the opposite sex. Gains thru love affairs. Usually indicates a fortunate marriage & happy talented children (mostly girls). Weakness: Over indulgent.


Venus in 6th House
Work & Daily Routines. Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health

Likes social exchanges & the presence of beauty in the work place. Well liked. A peace maker amongst coworkers. Settles others disagreements. A reservoir of healing & harmony. Helps others put their lives in order. Romance & social events is closely related to work. Does well with steady routines. Weakness: Overindulgence of food & drink causes trouble.


Venus in 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships. Public Dealings & Response

Social abilities. Successes in public matters. Usually a early, happy marriage brings improvement in health, prosperity & inheritances. In partnerships; Water Venus; needs understanding. Fire Venus; needs freedom. Air Venus; needs flowing open communication. Earth Venus; needs stability. Entertainment, psychology, public relations. Lawsuits best settled out of court. Weakness: Loss thru litigation.


Venus in 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration. Others Resources/Support

Spiritual & mystical. Intriguing to others. Good for writing, banking & big business. Financial gains thru inheritances, marriage, partnerships & other peoples money. Denotes natural or peaceful end of life. Examines love relationships. Not big on small talk. Weakness: Laziness. Excesses in food, drugs, alcohol & sex; the latter resulting in STD's.


Venus in 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel Higher Learning & Philosophy

Profits thru adventurous actions & activities. A love of travel & far off places. Attachment to foreign cultures or religions. Increased likelihood of success & marriage abroad. Marriage thru travel, religious or educational activities. Usually well educated & always appreciates intellectual growth. A love of theater, opera, fine arts & literary pursuits. Weakness: Strong desires but weak in will.


Venus in 10th House
Reputation, Honor. Authorities & Achievements

Career choices are guided by social, musical, artistic interests. Noticed for looks & talent. Over dramatic. Public performers, excellent at improvisation. Benefits from working w/friends & women. Favors from the opposite sex in career moves. Usually benefits socially thru marriage. Keeps romantic partners as friends. Parents may be influential in career. Inheritances. Weakness: Hasty marriage. Bad reputation.


Venus in 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes. Friends, Groups & Social Life

Active social life. Many opportunities thru social life. Romantic, charming & attractive to the opposite sex. Beautiful, artistic & musical friends. Goals are changed because of friends. Likes to join organizations & clubs. Organizes social events. Serves on committees. Benefits from women. Weakness: Bad advise, disappointments or used by friends.


Venus in 12th House
Hidden strength, Karma.

Compassionate. Sympathy for strangers. Benefited by service towards & from others. Love of quiet & solitude. Social shyness. Enjoys own company. Prone to adventurous interludes or secret love affairs. Involvements in relationships where partner is not free. Needs partner to express themselves first. Success raising animals or in charitable occupations. Artistic. Weakness: Loneliness. Scandals.